Thursday, December 9, 2010

Becoming nocturnal

Ever since school ended (and cataclysm came out) I have been staying up to absurd hours of the night doing nothing but playing cataclysm, but here is the problem:

(Please disregard any loss of dignity you may or may not think I have experienced while writing this; not just because I'm bored of playing a Paladin but because that statement was about playing World of Warcraft instead of hanging out with the girl from the nutrition department at work).

Yeah I know, pathetic right? I need something new to play. I tried playing a warlock, which is pretty fun, but then I just keep thinking that I should go back to my pally. I've even tried taking a break from WoW all together and playing some minecraft (recommended) or BFBC2, but I find myself going back to the pally... So here's my question:

Should I go balls out and get the pally from 73 to 85? OR should I keep playing the lock? OR should I just create something new all together?

Well anyways, I'm going to keep reading Hyperbole and a Half (because I do not recall the last time I have laughed so hard in one night...Other than when I started reading 27bslash6) and play WoW...